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How it all started?


It all begun with our children who constantly got sick. Always running with a cold, having to skip classes in school or kindergarten and we as parents had to alternately take time off from work or hire babysitters.

We have four children, two sons at the age of 12 and 15 and two daughters, 19 and 5 years old. Our children motivated us to prepare something that seemed impossible—to create a fish oil with syrup-like texture that doesn’t leave the unpleasant fish aftertaste. Oily liquid, recognized for its healthy properties, extracted from shark liver instead of cod became delicious fish oil flavored with raspberry or mango and peach.

The taste is undoubtedly our advantage.

The advantages of fish oils have been long known and valued. Nevertheless, when we introduced these products to the pharmacy market we wanted to offer them in an absolutely new and innovative form of a tasty syrup! The new formula should convince people who never consumed fish oil for its taste or went for the capsules instead.

Why choose our fish oil?

Advanced laboratory inspection
Greenland shark liver oil is tested for the presence of heavy metals, dioxins, and other pollutants.
Unique process of emulsification
Our oil is subjected to a unique process of emulsification. During this process, the large fat molecules are being broken down into micro-molecules, which then are more easily absorbed
Natural ingredients
In the production process of our fish oil syrups we used natural colorants. Fish oils are safe for diabetics, contain natural sweeteners with a low glycemic index
Fish oils in the delicious syrup-like texture
The final product is a delicious
fish oil with syrup-like texture,
containing alkylglycerols, vitamins and minerals essential in maintaining a healthy immune system.



Many people associate fish oil with body’s natural defences support. Meanwhile, we have different kinds of fish oils. Typical marine fish oil contains unsaturated Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA, DHA), which support cardiovascular and heart functions and, in larger doses, normalize cholesterol and triglycerides levels. Therefore, fish oils are recommended, above all, to middle-aged and older people.

On the other hand, Omega 3 fatty acids that appear commonly in grey matter of the brain have a positive impact on the nervous system functions and support healthy mental development of our children, which is especially intense during kindergarten and school age. Therefore, marine fish oil should be used at any age, in appropriate daily doses based on the age and needs.

Shark liver oil contains alkylglycerols, falling in the chemical category of ether lipids, present in the human body in trace trace amounts e.g. in liver, spleen or breast milk. In comparison, alkylglycerols concentration is much higher in shark liver. Alkylglycerols, among other things, increase the number of B, CD, and T lymphocytes as well as leukocytes. They also have a positive impact on the levels of immunoglobulin A and M, thereby enhancing the so-called humoral and cellular immunity of the organism. As a result, they are especially recommended during autumn and winter.