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TRETUSSEPT – Throat spray

The composition of the medical device TRETUSSEPT, throat spray
The medical device TRETUSSEPT, throat spray contains 100 ml of the preparation:
2.5 g of water extract from marshmallow Althea officinalis L. (4: 1).
2.0 g of water extract from the Icelandic lichen Cetraria islandica (4: 1)
Other ingredients: eucalyptus leaf extract, glycerin, water, maltitol, mint flavor, citric acid, potassium sorbate.




  • Dietary supplement
  • Container: 150 ml
  • Linden extract
  • Raspberry extract
  • Vitamin C


TRETUSSIN MED – black currant flavor. MEDICAL DEVICE

Medical device

Blackcurrant flavor syrup

Packaging: 165/250 ml

Icelandic lichen Cetraria islandica (L)

Marshmallow root Althaea officinalis (L)

Common ivy leaf Hedera helix (L)

Iceland Moss Syrup Medical device


  • Medical product
    Packaging: 250 ml,
  • Alleviates the following symptoms:
    • dry cough,
    • soreness of throat,
    • hoarseness.