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TRETUSSIN MED 24 blackcurrants flavored lozenges


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Blackcurrant flavored

With sweeteners

With no added sugar. Contains naturally occurring sugars.

Food for special medical purposes

for dietary management of cough, hoarseness, irritation and inflammation of the larynx, throat and bronchitis

Ivy leaf Hedera helix (L)

Icelandic Lichen Cetraria islandica (L)

Marshmallow root Althaea officinalis radix (L)

Packaging: 24 lozenges

Purpose of taking this food supplement.

The product contains extracts from three valuable plants, used in traditional medicine as soothing and coating agents for symptoms of irritation of the throat, larynx, cough, hoarseness, bronchitis.

Icelandic lichen Cetraria islandica (L)

Used traditionally as a soothing agent for symptoms of irritation of the throat
and a dry cough associated with it.

As adjunctive treatment, it can also be used in asthma and bronchitis.

Icelandic lichen also has antibacterial and antiviral role.

Marshmallow root Althaea officinalis radix (L).

It shows coating, soothing and protective effects in laryngitis and dry cough.

Ivy leaf Hedera helix (L)

It relieves the symptoms of cough in children and adults with bronchitis.

The content of ingredients per 100 ml / 2.5 g 1 lozenge

Energy value (energy) – 1008.53 kJ (42 kcal) / 242.09 kJ (4.2 kcal), fat – 0.45 g / 0.01 g (including: saturated fatty acids – 0.12 g / 0.00 g, monounsaturated fatty acids – 0.20 g / 0.01 g, polyunsaturated fatty acids – 0.12 g / 0.00 g), carbohydrates – 95.20 g / 2.38 g (including: sugars – 7.20 g / 0.18 g, polyhydric alcohols – 88.0 g / 2.20 g), fiber – 1.54 g / 0.04 g, protein – 0.66 g / 0.02 g, salt – 0.09 g / 0.00 g, marshmallow root extract – 4.00 g / 0.10 g, Icelandic lichen extract – 3.20 g / 0.08 g, ivy leaf extract – 0.20 g / 0.005 g.

Recommended daily dose of 2/3/6/lozenges contain:

Marshmallow root extract (Althaea officinalis L) – 200 mg/300 mg/600 mg

Icelandic lichen extract (Cetraria Islandia L) – 160 mg/240 mg/480 mg

Ivy leaf extract (Hedera helix L) – 10 mg/15 mg/30 mg

Ingredients: sweetener (isomalt), water extract from marshmallow root 4: 1, humectant stabilizer (glycerol), water extract from Icelandic lichen mycelium 4: 1, acidity regulator (citric acid), blackcurrant juice concentrate, aroma, water-alcoholic extract of ivy leaves 4: 1, sweetener (steviol glycosides).

Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects.

With no added sugar. Contains naturally occurring sugars.

Precautions and contraindications:

Risk of choking in younger children due to the size of the lozenge.

Do not use if you are hypersensitive of any of the ingredients.

If you are pregnant or a breastfeeding mother, consult your doctor.

Important Information

The product should be taken under doctor’s supervision, it may pose a risk to health if it is consumed by people who have not been diagnosed with a specific disease, disturbed health or there is no medical indication resulting from the intended use of the product. The product is not for parenteral use.


Children over 4 who can safely suck the tablet: 2 lozenges a day
Children aged: 7-12 3 lozenges a day.
Adolescents and adults: maximum 6 lozenges a day.
The product is a nutrient incomplete and cannot be used as the only source of food. For oral use only.

Additional Info

Manufacturer: Domowa Apteczka Sp. z o. o. Sp. k. ul. Cieszyńska 26; 05-825 Grodzisk Mazowiecki Information comply with European Parliament and of the Council (EU) No 1169/2011 from 25 October 2011 on informing consumers about food.